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Exercises to relieve arthritis pain

Exercises to relieve arthritis pain

Arthritis refers to over 100 conditions; these conditions will in most cases affect the elderly people, though some other forms of arthritis do affect people at a very tender age, this condition remains a challenge today. The condition is mainly characterized by painful joints after use or after some period of inactivity, while in some cases it's characterized by swollen and stiff joints. Daily exercise is the ultimate solution to this condition as elaborated below.

Individuals need to increase motion, this in turn has the effect of improving the flexibility and mobility of one's joint. This will be possible by moving a joint to its farthest range and then try exceeding that. This exercise will work well when done gently and regularly.

Another important exercise to relieve arthritis pain is by strengthening of muscles, it involves creating resistance within the muscles. A common exercise is the use of one's body weight to create strength in the thighs. Strengthening of the thighs is equally effective as aerobics in relieving of pains in joints. Some of the main activities associated with strengthening of muscles include bicep curls where the individual with his elbows bent; he brings down a dumbbell to his shoulders and repeats the same with the other hand. He could on the other hand try out triceps extension where one holds weights overhead, while his shoulders point upwards, lower and raise the weight behind the head for best results. Wall wash-ups works so well a term use to refer to an exercise where one stands some 12 inches from a wall with hands placed a little wider than the shoulders. Lower your body towards the wall and back severally.

Exercises to relieve arthritis pain

Aerobic exercise is the other form of exercise very important in relieving arthritis pains, activities such as swimming and bicycling raises the heart endurance, and in the long run raises endurance of the whole body. Carrying out the regular chores such as lawn mowing, washing a car and cutting fences prove to be very important daily activities. It's advisable that in case of pains after exercises, the use of ice on joints is necessary. Where the pain persist for more than an hour it's recommended that one seeks medical advice or cut on the level of activity.

Warm up exercises is on the list of best practices to reduce these pains. Warm up exercise may come up in different forms, side bends will involve the victim putting hands on his or her hips and bending all round from side to side. Shoulder shrugs alternatively entails raising of one's shoulders gently up and down. Lastly arm circles where one extends both hands forward and back repetitively.
Other common activities that act as alternatives include Tai chi and water based exercise which are now very popular in the U.S.A. Due to their non strenuous nature this exercises will usually ensure slow movement of the muscle thus quite effective. Research does indicate that those who do more of tai chi are able to improve ability to function well more than water activities.


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