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How to Avoid Arthritis Pain

How to Avoid Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is a very painful problem that is faced by a lot many people especially during their middle age. The pain can be avoided by using simple tips and techniques. First and foremost, right posture is extremely important to prevent the pain. Keeping the back-bone straight is the most important technique of proper body posture. The back strain will be less in this way and thus pain faced will be much less. The everyday tasks that are performed should be cut down to light tasks. Taking work load increases the strain in back muscles and back bone. So, only simple and light forms of everyday work should be practiced.

Losing weight also helps to lessen the arthritis pain. This is because, the medical studies show, if one loses one pound of body weight then finally four pound worth pressure lessens from the knees. Thus the pain of arthritis can be avoided simply through weight reduction through simple cardiac exercises and maintaining healthy diet. One should also take small breaks between a heavy and light task. This break prepares oneself mentally and physically for the task switch. Again it rests the body muscles and thus treats the arthritis pain effectively. Thus one can avoid the pain caused by arthritis by taking small rest breaks during tasks.

Sleeping peacefully for long time durations also is a helpful tip for avoiding the pain of arthritis. Getting enough sleep is an effective method of getting rid of pain. Thus long and stress free sleeping hours are absolutely effective methods. Again one must lead a happy and content life for doing away all the unwanted stress. In the absence of stress, firstly longer hours of continuous sleep in maintained and secondly the body fat decreases in this way. This is the main reason why doctors suggest stress busters for people suffering from arthritis.

Avoid Arthritis Pain

Protection of the body joints avoids the arthritis pain. This can be done in the simplest way by taking the help of a cane or walking stick. This kind of support distributes the pressure felt by the knees. The pressure pints thus affect the knees in a much less way and therefore arthritis pain will be felt in nominal amount. For people who have inherited the problem of arthritis, the anti arthritis measures should be followed more rigidly to lessen the pain. The intake of food that is rich in the content of omega-3 type of fatty acid lessens the arthritis pain as well.

Eating healthy food and drinking enough water maintains proper circulation of the body. This avoids arthritis since accumulation or existence of fatigue is thus lessened by it. Stretching the body muscles and bones is the best form of exercise for preventing arthritis. Since the cardiac exercises keep the joins in regular activity, thus the chances of occurrence of arthritis become less. One should shift positions after regular intervals. This prevents the muscles and joints to remain in one position for longer period and thus prevents the pain caused by problem of arthritis.


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